What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is an environment in which partners can test their applications before developing them in the mbga platform. The Sandbox differs from the Mobage service, which is accessed by the end-users, in the sense that it is a closed environment used exclusively for testing purposes.

The features of the Sandbox are as follows:

  • Each developer can create multiple test accounts.
  • Test accounts in the Sandbox will be treated in the same way as accounts from regular users.
  • You can check the application in the Sandbox from PC by using the test account.
  • Each developer can create applications.
  • The applications can only be accessed from the test accounts of the developer who created the applications.
  • In the Sandbox, mobile versions of the applications can be tested on a PC through a test account.

Revision history

  • 12/2012
    • Initial Release.


Sandbox Start Guide


Creating a Test Account