How to recieve open or close notification of Dashboard (from 1.4.4 or later)

You can now receive notification if the Dashboard is open or closed from Mobage Native SDK 1.4.4. The Dashboard is a WebView that provides Mobage platform functions, which is shown when you try to tap on Community button or Balance button.
The Dashboard will open on the following cases.

  • Tapping on Community button
  • Tapping on Balance button
  • Calling on openUserProfile
  • Calling on launchPortalApp
  • Calling on showBankUI
  • Calling on openDocument
    You will receive open notification from the above cases to inform you that the Dashboard is open.
    You can also receive notification when the dashboard is closed by pressing the "X" on the top right of the Dashboard.

Implementing on iOS

You can receive notification on iOS by implementing the following.

The above code shows that by registering MBG_Notification_OnLaunchingDashboard and MBG_Notification_OnDismissingDashboard as an observer, you can receive notification when the Dashboard is open or closed.

Implementing on Android

You can receive notification on Android by implementing the following.

You will receive notification on onDashboardOpen method and onDashboardDismiss which are registered by the MobageDashboardObserver class on the Main Activity's onCreate. If you want to split the process of the notification on the Lifecycle events, please do so on onStart() / onStop() .

Revision History

  • 2013/09/10
    • Initial release




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