What is ShellAppFramework?

The Shell App Framework is a framework that converts social games written in HTML5 that use the Gadget server to WebView-based Android and iOS applications without Java or Objective-C coding. Its main features are as follows.

  • You can create applications even if you have no native application development skills
  • You can simultaneously distribute games as browser-based games and applications
  • Using the Gadget server simplifies implementation involving certification and enables you to provide more secure WebView-based smartphone applications

The Shell App Framework can add the following features to applications in addition to the features available with ordinary browser-based titles.

  • Placement of the Mobage Community Button (enables transitions from the application to the Mobage Portal)
  • Display of headers and footers that were created with the Native UI (switching the design, hiding headers or footers, etc. can be controlled from JavaScript APIs)
  • Remote notification feature (notifications can be sent using the REST API and payloads can be obtained using JavaScript APIs)
  • Sound playback feature (background music and sound effects can be played from JavaScript APIs)

Adding the above features to an ordinary browser-based title can provide a far richer user experience. Also, since these features are loosely coupled with the game server, applications can run on the same game server as browser-based titles.

Revision History

  • 12/11/2012
    • Initial release




Development Flow