Uploading Applications and Registering Information

Before publishing your applications for users, you are required to upload the applications and to register application information in Devloper's Site.You will need binary for Sandbox, and another separate binary for the production environment.

Confirming SDK Versions

Please make sure to use the following SDKs.

It is not possible to download the Mobage SDK in the past. Please use the latest version.
Date of September 24, 2012

For Android Applications

For Android, open "Android Application Settings" on the "Application Details" page.

By clicking "To apk management screen," you will be able to open "Android Apk Management Screen."

Make sure to download apk files from Sandbox applications, in order to submit your applications for review.

  • Upload apk file for Sandbox
    • Select "apk file for Sandbox" on the "Upload apk file for Sandbox" page. Choose "Verify contents" in order to upload files. Please note that you won’t be able to retry uploading apk files for Sandbox, until your release review is completed.
    • Sandbox apk can be created as follow:
      • Set "Mobage.ServerMode.SANDBOX" in the second argument of "Mobage.initialize()"
      • Set "ConsumerKey/Secret" for development displayed in "Android Application Settings" page in the third and fourth argument of "Mobage.initialize()"
  • Launcher Icon
    • In " Launcher Icon" section, you must register icons that will appear on Android devices. Click "Edit Launcher Icon" to open "Launcher Icon Editing Screen" and register 8 different icons. For information about how to create icons, please refer to "Smartphone Application & Creation Guide" on the "Terms and Guidelines" page. After registering all icons, you can upload apk files that will be required for Production of the applications. Please note that you are not required to upload apk files for Production, until you submit your applications for review. "Smartphone Application & Creation Guide" specifies that the Mobage Lite mark must be displayed on Google Play launcher applications distributed through Google Play (formerly called Android Market). In order to support Google’s payment transaction services (In-App Billing), you must place the Mobage Lite mark in any applications that will be distributed on Mobage Open Platform.

Next, click "To Market Information Editing Screen" from the "Android Application Settings" menu, to launch "Android Market Information Editing Screen".

On this page, you will be able to register any necessary information that will be published on Google Play by DeNA. Please register the following information accordingly.

  • Screenshot 1-8
    • Upload applications’ screenshots that will be registered on Google Play. You will be required to upload screenshots for 1 and 2, and uploading the rest of screenshots from 3-8 is optional.
    • Minimum dimension: 320px
    • Maximum dimension: 3840px
    • The maximum dimension of your screenshot cannot be more than twice as long as the minimum dimension.
    • You can upload both vertical and horizontal image
    • Image Format: 24 bit PNG or JPEG format (no alpha), full bleed, no frame
  • High-resolution application icon (required)
    • Register high-resolution application icon registered on Google Play.
    • Image Resolution: 512x512
    • Image Format: 32 bit PNG or JPEG format
    • File Size: Up to 1024KB
    • For details on images with rounded corners, transparent background, and putting Mobage mark on the icon, please refer to "List of Trademarks" and "Smartphone Application Creation & Operation Guide" on the "Terms and Guidelines" page.
  • Promotional images (optional)
    • Register images that will appear on the upper section of the Google Play’s TOP page, and the "Google Play Application Details" page.
    • Image Resolution: 180x120
    • Image Format: 24 bit PNG or JPEG format(no alpha), no frame
  • Images for advertisement (optional)
    • Register images that will be used for advertisement. These images will appear on Google Play when users open applications on their PCs.
    • Image Resolution: 1024x500
    • Image Format: 24 bit PNG or JPEG format(no alpha) This image should be trimmed down to mini or micro size.
  • Modification (optional)
    • When applications are updated, explanatory texts will be added to your applications as part of updates. You are not required to add texts in the beginning.
  • Category
    • You will be able to select your applications’ category of choice. We will try to place your applications accordingly to your preferred category selection. Please note that in some cases, our category of choice might not match your request.
  • Website
    • You will be able to publish URL of your website for users. Please enter the URL where users can access information about application, and/or your HOME page’s URL.
you won’t be able to edit any information on this page, until your applications are submitted for review, approved, and successfully released on Google Play.

Now you may submit your release for an Android applications review.

iOS Applications

For iOS applications, open "iOS Application Settings" on the "Application Details" page.

For iOS applications, you must register the following information that will enable " Game Point" charging functions, on the "iOS Application Settings" page.

  • Game Point Product ID (required for confirming all the IAP’s "Game Point" purchases)
  • Name of "Game Point" (required for confirming item purchases. You can type the name in up to 8 two-byte characters.)
  • Unit of "Game Point" (required for confirming item purchases. You can specify the name in up to 4 two-byte characters.)
  • Additional texts about "Game Point" notice
  • Additional texts about FAQs on "Game Point"

Select "Go to upload Sandbox file" from the "iOS Application Settings, " to launch "Upload Sandbox file" screen. Next upload zipped app files. For compressing app files, right click on app files with "Finder." Make sure there are no unnecessary folders stored in app files. Please note that after uploading files, you won’t be able to replace your apps with the apps in the previous version.

Now you may submit your release for an iOS applications review.

Notes on Uploading Applications (For Android and iOS)

After uploading applications, you may submit your release to a review process. Please check the version of the application you will submit.

Difference of EndPoint in REST API

If you are using REST API, Note that API server for Production accessed from GameServer differs from the URL of EndPoint for Sandbox if you use REST API.

Log-in Session Timeout

The log-in session for Sandbox lasts for 1 hour, whereas it is 30 days for the Production.

Implementing SSO Login

Configuration of info.plist

If you want to enable the SSO login function, you are required to configure the info.plist as the following.

"CustomURLScheme" is used when the iOS application is launching. Specify the following value in the item.

If you open the info.plist in XCode editor, it will look like the following.

    ▼URL types  (1 item) 
        ▼Item  0  (1 item) 
            ▼URL Schemes  (1 item) 
                Item 0  mobage-jp-1200XXXX

If you open the info.plist in general editor, it will look like the following.


Revision History

  • 10/31/2014
    • Changed the Google Play screenshot size requirement
  • 08/07/2012
    • Change "Android Market" to "Google Play".
  • 06/14/2012
    • remove creation of Production apk
  • 05/01/2012
    • Added the details on zip compression methods to iOS applications
  • 04/04/2012
    • Updated information related to SDK versions.
  • 03/27/2012
    • You may submit your applications for review, without uploading apk files for Production of the applications.
  • 01/31/2011
    • Changed apk creation methods for the Production of the applications.
  • 11/29/2011
    • Added the details on Mobage Unity SDK
  • 11/25/2011
    • Published open application submission process flow.
  • 08/29/2011
    • Initial Release.


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