SDK Tips

About onLoginRequired

onLoginRequired could be called unexpectedly on Initialization or on Resume event, whether the user is log in or not.
This is because the SDK or Platform side requires to call onLoginRequired to initialize showLoginDialog for the following purposes.

  • To have users register their mail address if the user hasn't
  • To ask guest account users to upgrade to standard account
    Please have the following design in mind when developing.
  1. onLoginRequired is called whether or not the user is logged in or not.
  2. showLoginDialog is called when onLoginRequired is called.
  3. onLoginRequired will be called on a Resume event, even though the user has log in session, .
  4. onLoginRequired -> showLoginDialog -> onLoginComplete could be called on log in state.

Different Package Names for Mobage Version and Google Play Version

In order to support In App Billing for Android, two versions “Mobage and Google Play version” of package name will be created when you upload your application to the Developer Site. Each package is named as follows. (XXXXXXXX stands for the AppID);

  • Package name for the Mobage version
    • jp.mbga.aXXXXXXXX
  • Package name for the Google Play (formerly called Android Market) version
    • jp.mbga.aXXXXXXXX.lite

Please ensure that your package name for the Mobage version complies with this format as specified in “Important points when creating apk files for actual release with Unity SDK”. If you upload apk files for actual release to the Developer’s Site, Goolge Play version will be generated automatically. However, this Google Play version cannot be tested by developers until it is deployed in the production environment.

In order to obtain the difference between the two packages mentioned above, please use the following methods;

  • Mobage Unity SDK
    • MobagePlatform.getMarketCode()


About Callback namespace for Mobage Unity SDK

Please be aware that the Callback name used on Mobage Unity SDK (see "c#doc" reference) are reserved by the SDK.
Using the same Callback names for your application will cause the SDK to fail calling the Callback. Please avoid using same name.

Implementation of Guidance to Review for Google Play

By using these methods, you can make a distinction between the Google Play version and the Mobage version.

For the Google Play version, you can download each distribution version by navigating to the following link.

For the Mobage version, there is no review function in the distribution site. In this case, you need to remove the guidance to review.

Release History

  • 2013/05/24
    • Added notice for using same Callback namespace for Mobage Unity SDK.
  • 2012/08/07
    • Change "Android Market" to "Google Play".
  • 2012/03/09
    • Initial Release.


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Important Points When Creating APK Files for Production