Publish Application

After an application has passed Release Review, the production application can be downloaded and the production API server can be used. After verifying operation using the production server and the production application, the title can be released in the target markets.

Verifying Operation of the Production Application

You can now use the production API server. Verify that you can run the application on the production API server from the production game server without any problems.

You can download the production application from the "Builds" screen and verify its operation.

You need to verify the apps for both Google Play and Moabage.

  • You can not purchase MobaCoin on Google Play build at this time because IAB requires distribution from Google Play. Strongly recommended to verify IAB function after releasing on Google Play.

    Google Play Publication Submission

If you finish the test on production environment, you can submit your app to Google Play. Click "Android Market Publish" link to submit for Google Play publication.

Google Play Publication takes operation work and few hours to deploy to Google Play.

Publish to GooglePlay was actually completed, please download the application from Google Play to perform the slight test to confirm running the application without problems.

Release in Mobage

Publishing to GooglePlay has been completed, publish the game to the game list on Mobage.
First, you need to change the status to publish from "SP Web" tab.

  • If the title is already published on Browser platform, you do not have to do this.

At this point, the game list has not been published yet.

Next you need to change the status to publish from "Android" tab to publish the game on Moabage portal on the Web and Google Play App.



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