How to use the Leaderboard


Leaderboard is a ranking service designed to be used for competitions. Using Leaderboard, you can easily open the competitions for game score, speedrun, and the number of achievements.

After registering on “Android Application Settings” or “iOS Application Settings” tab from “Application details” page of “Manage Application”, click on the “Leaderboards” link that appears in the lower left-hand corner as below.

Leaderboard Settings

In order to use the Leaderboard, you need to set up one or more Leaderboards. Each application can have up to five Leaderboards. Click “Create New Leaderboards” to add Leaderboard.

The following screen will show up on the “Leaderboards” page.

Configure for each item:

  • Icon (Option)
    • You can upload 320x320 pixels image file in JPG, PNG, or GIF format. You can obtain the URL of the uploaded image from the Leaderboard API. The place to publish images obtained from API and the image usage method are optional.
  • Identifier (Required)
    • The identifier is used for specifying Leaderboard. The identifier is used for specifying Leaderboard and passing to Leaderboard as “LeaderBoardId”. Please note that you can not change the identifier once you register it.
  • Title (Required)
    • Please enter with no more than 128 two-byte characters. It can be obtained from the Leaderboard API.
  • Preset Score (Option)
    • Specify a default value when the user’s score is added or updated without specifying a score value.
  • Format (Required)
    • Specify format. In Leaderboard API, you can obtain data in numeric format according to the selected format.
  • Format Precision (Option)
    • Settings to fix the decimal point position for above format. This setting will be ignored if a "natural numbers including zero" is defined.
  • Overwrite Settings (Option)
    • Configure whether or not to overwrite the score at all times, even when it is not a high score. If the “Overwrite” is checked, scores are overwritten with or without a high score. If the “Overwrite” is not checked, this overwriting will only occur with a high score.
  • Sort Settings (Option)
    • You can select ascending or descending order for score value.

After the above settings are complete, the Leaderboard API whose identifier is “LeaderboardID” can be used.

How to Use the Leaderboard API

After the Leaderboard Settings are complete, the Leaderboard API can be used.

Within the Leaderboard API, there are Client API and RESTful API. Leaderboard API implements the following functions:

  • Obtain Leaderboard information
  • Obtain multiple Leaderboard information
  • Obtain all Leaderboard information
  • Obtain top score List
  • Obtain friend’s score list
  • Obtain specific user scores
  • Add/update current user’s score
  • Delete current user’s score

For more details, please refer to the API Reference in the following section “Reference Documents.”

Reference Documents

For more information on ngCore ClientAPI, check here.
For more information on RESTful API, check here.
For the details of the Client API in Mobage Native/Unity SDK, please refer to the API reference bundled in the SDK packages. (/android/docs/javadoc, /ios/docs/headerdoc)

Revision History

  • 04/09/2012
    • Initial Release.


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