How to add item in mobage platform

Registering Items on the Platform

Items that can be bought with MobaCoins or game points can be registered on the platform. If you use either the "If items are to be registered on the platform" flow or the "If you are using only client API" flow detailed in Currency & Commerce Service, item registration is necessary.




1. Item registration is carried out separately for each application, so start by selecting the application for which you want to register an item from the "List of Applications".
2. Click "Adding Items" on the menu on the left.

3. When the add item screen appears, fill in the "Item identification name", "Item name", "Price", "Description", and "Image URL" fields.

The "Item identification name" is the ItemId input in each API. The "Image URL" is not used in the SDK nor displayed on the platform. It is only for the API to get the image URL.

4.Click the "Verify contents" button to register the item.
5. When item registration is complete, click "Manage Item" on the left-hand menu and check that the "Item identification name" of the registered item appears in the list of items.


You can register a maximum of 500 items on the platform. Please be aware that you cannot register more than the limit of 500 items.
You can delete items that are registered on the platform using the steps below.
1. From the "List of Items" screen, click the "ID" or "Item identification name" of the item you want to delete.
2. Click "Delete this item" in the bottom right of the screen, then on the page you are taken to click the "Delete >>" button to delete the item.

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