How to use the Remote Notificatio Reservation


The remote notification reservation function allows you to reserve a time and date on which send a remote notification from Mobage Developers Japan.

It can be used in Android and iOS apps that enable remote notification settings.  

How to Use Remote Notification Reservations

First, select the relevant application from the "List of Applications", then click "Remote Notification Reservation" when it appears in the left-hand menu.



When you click "Remote Notification Reservation, the screen shown below is displayed. There number of cases is still zero, so nothing has been registered. To register a reservation case, click the "New Reservation" button.  



When you click the "New Reservation" button, the screen below appears and you can set up a remote notification reservation.  



When the "Reserve Remote Notification" screen appears, fill out all fields with reference to the following:  

Click the "Register with this content" button to register the remote notification reservation.


Screen Layout

There are 2 options for the target field: "Game to All User" or "Game to User". Depending on which one you select, the screen layout and available fields change.

Additionally, if you select "Repeat Reservation" as your way of setting the publish date, the fields for specifying date and time change as shown below. 

If you select "Game to All User"

If you select "Game to User"

If you select "Repeat Reservation"

Explanations of Each Field

Please see below for explanations of each field.


Select which users to send notifications to. There are 2 options to choose from:

  • Game to All User
    • Delivers remote notifications to all users by broadcasting. There is a sending limit of once per hour. There is a distribution limit of 1 message. ※You can choose the target by device.  
  • Game to User
    • Delivers remote notifications to individual or multiple users. There are no particular limits on distribution.
Target devices (only when "Game to All User" is selected))

Select which devices to send notifications to. You can choose from 3 options:

  • All
    • Send remote notifications to all Android and iOS devices.
  • Android
    • Send remote notifications to Android devices only.
  • iOS
    • Send remote notifications to iOS devices only.
User IDs (only when "Game to User" is selected)

Specify the User ID(s) to which to send remote notifications. You can specify either a single User ID or multiple User IDs using the specification methods given in the examples below.  

  • Specify a single user: 10001
  • Specify multiple users, separated by commas: 10001,10002,10003
  • Click the "Upload CSV" button to upload a CSV file. For the CSV file format, it is necessary to specify User IDs delimited with line breaks. 
Target environment

You can select whether to send remote notifications to the sandbox environment or production environment.

Message (*1)

This is where you can write the content of the message. Please enter the message that you want to send to users.

extras (*1)

extras lets you set an arbitrary associative array with depth=1 as Key/Value format pairs. extra is an associative array that can be received in-app when the app is launched by tapping the notification bar.

※ Input extras in JSON format.

※ Please note that curly brackets, colons, commas, and double quotation marks are included in the character count.

The way to set the publish date

You can choose from the 2 options of "Reservation by date" or "Repeat Reservation".

  • Reservation by date
    • Enables you to send a remote notification at a specified time on a specified day.
  • Repeat Reservation
    • Enables you to send remote notifications at a specified time every day for the duration of the specified period.
Publish Date (only when "Reservation by date" is selected)

Enter the date on which to send the remote notification.

Publish Start Date (only when "Repeat Reservation" is selected)

Enter the date on which to start sending repeat remote notifications.

Publish Stop Date (only when "Repeat Reservation" is selected) 

Enter the date on which to stop sending repeat remote notifications.

Publish Time

Set the time at which to send the remote notification.

(*1) : The content of "Message" and "extras" combined must be within 170 bytes (equivalent to 170 single-byte characters or 56 double-byte characters).

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