Development Flow

Register your Application

The Mobage Developer Site provides a Sandbox environment for developing social applications. To use the Sandbox environment, you must first register your application.

Develop for the Game Server

The Sandbox environment enables you to start development of social features within your application. Please follow the Development Guide when doing game server development.

Design the Client Application

The Mobage Developer Site can be used to upload image and sound resources that will be bundled with your client application. It also allows you to design the client application directly in XML.

Submit your Application for Release Review

When you have finished developing your application in the Sandbox environment and completed preparations for release, you should request an Application Release Review. During the Application Release Review, the application is reviewed to make sure that it follows the guidelines. If the application does not pass the review, it cannot be released.

Release in Google Play (Android only)

To release your application in Google Play after it has passed the Application Release Review, you must submit a Google Play Release Request on the Mobage Korea Developer Portal. After you submit the request, DeNA Seoul will register your application in Google Play and perform the steps necessary for releasing it.

Register in the App Store (iOS only)

For an iOS application, you must register the application yourself in the App Store.

Submit your Application for Publication (iOS only)

After you've completed the release of your application in the App Store, you can initiate the Application Publication Submission process for Mobage. The Application Publication Submission process verifies that the information published and released in the App Store is correct.

Release your Application

Once your application has passed all reviews, it can start being released to users from the Mobage platform after you configure the release settings.

Revision History

  • 12/11/2012
    • Initial Release.


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