Creating a test account

To test your application on Sandbox environment, you will need to create a test account.
The test account is created per Partner and can be used to test any application created by the same Partner.
First your will need to create an account for your device.

1. Login to Developers site with your Partner account.
2. Select Manage Account >Add test Account from your dashboard.

Guest Account users can later upgrade their account to standerd users by using phone number verification service or upgrade service.

For Guest Account

For 1 Click Guest Account

How to login into your Guest Account

  1. Access your test account information from Mobage Developers.

    For Guest Account

    For 1 Click Guest Account

  2. Open the URL in the standard browser on your device by copying it or scanning the QR code. This will create a user session on your browser.
  3. Install and run your Sandbox application on your device.
  4. On the login dialog, tap the corresponding start button.
  5. Once clicked you will move to your browser, so it can use the Guest Account browser session to login as Guest Account.

When using Standard Account

3. From "Compatible devices" select Smartphone > Standard Account and enter the needed information to "Send e-mail".

Make sure you have entered a valid email address since the mail sent will contain URL for registration


4. Click the URL from the mail you received and enter detail account information.

You can register from your PC browser by changing the user agent to smartphone device


Using the same sandbox account on Mobile, Smartphone and PC
It is possible to use the same sandbox account on Mobile, Smartphone and PC. You can need to open the detail page of the account, switch to the corresponding tab and add support for that device type. In that case, the social graph will be inherited.

Revision History

  • 2013/10/22
    • Update login dialog screenshot.
  • 2013/8/13
    • Added 1 Click Guest Account for Smartphone App.
  • 2013/5/17
    • Added Guest Account for Native and Unity
  • 2013/5/2
    • Initial Release






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Registering an Application