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General Settings

Before you can begin developing an application with the Shell App Framework, you must first register the application on the Mobage Developer Site.

Click the "Manage Application" tab at the top of the Mobage Developer Site to view the application list screen. Under "Adding Applications" at the upper left, enter the application name, category, etc. to register your new application.

When registration is completed, the application information will be displayed as follows.

You must input overview and supported OS in SPWeb tab beforehand.

  • If you already published a SPWeb application, you do not have to do this again.
  • you must check Android or iOS in Supported OS in SPWeb.

    Android Settings

    Now you will make settings specific for Android applications. Click "Android" tab and the selection screen for the SDK will appear. Since you will be using the Shell App Framework to develop the application, select "Shell App Framework".

Congratulations, you have completed the steps to register your applicationYou may now continue with Sandbox development.

Revision History

  • 12/11/2012
    • Initial release


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