The Mobage Unity SDK consists of the following files.

  • MobageUnitySDK.unitypackage
    • An archive file imported from the Unity IDE.
  • MobageUnitySDKforiOS 
    • A module to develop an iOS application in Xcode.
  • docs 
    • Documents regarding Mobage Unity SDK. The following documents are included.
      • API reference
      • Programming guide
  • README_en.txt 
    • It describes change history, articles you need to read first, and license statements.

When you import MobageUnitySDK.unitypackage in Unity IDE, the following package hierarchy is extracted.

  • GUIs/ 
    • Resource files used for Unity GUI.
  • Plugins/ 
    • Plugin directory to build applications for each platform.
      • The iOS plugin files are located in Plugins/iOS/.
      • The iOS plugin includes the following files:
        • libmobage.a
      • Since 1.3, the SDK image files are included in the package.
        • Default-Landscape.png
        • Default-Portrait.png
        • Default.png
        • Default@2x.png
      • The following sample programs are included.
        • HelloMobage.cs
        • HelloMobage.unity
      • Plugins/Mobage/ contains sample codes, which call Mobage APIs.
        • Please refer to the API Reference for details of the APIs.
  • Resources/ 
    • Resource files such as icon data.

Revision History

  • 08/08/2012
    • Initial Release.




Building Application in Unity