Application Upload and Sandbox Operational Test

Applications are required to be uploaded to the Sandbox environment for release.
Please refer to following procedures for application upload.

SDK version to be used

Please confirm application build and the version of SDK to be used. Please SDK designated for the target platform when building an application.

You can upload all SDK versions released on Mobage Developers.

Starting from May 1st, due to Apple regulation changes, only the following versions or later are able to be submitted.

  • Ver 1.9.X : Use versions 1.9.1 or later
  • Ver 1.10.X : Use versions 1.10.2 or later
  • Ver 1.11.X : Use versions 1.11.1 or later

Android applications

Open "Application details" and access "Android application settings"

Click "to the version management tool" to open "Android application version management" page.

Archive application builds as zip files

Enter a designated "Version number" and select the zip file of application archived.
The selected "Version history" will be the target for operational check and release review.

The selected version of application can be confirmed at Sandbox Android Mobage application. Download apk file from "Application version management" screen and install to device via USB connection.

Launch the Android Mobage ngCore application for Sandbox, login with a created test account will lead you to the application uploaded from "pre-review application list" in the "Sandbox development support".

About the Manifest

For ngCore Android, the size of resources to be included in manifest.json must be no more than 40 MB. Resources contained in a manifest.json file within 40 MB are included in the apk file, and become the live version for Google Play and Mobage. Should the resource size of manifest.json exceed 40 MB, please move the resources to a secondary manifest that uses DownloadManifest.

iOS applications

Open "Application details" and access "iOS application settings"

Please configure below items in the "iOS application settings" page as settlement service is used for iOS applications.

  • Game Point Product ID (At least 1 must be registered when checking Game Point purchase operations with IAP.)
    • Game Point name (Must be entered to check charged items functionality. Within 8 full-byte characters.)
    • Game Point unit (Must be entered to check charged items functionality. Within 4 full-byte characters.)
    • Cautions of Game Points
    • FAQ of Game Points
On September 25, 2012, registration of any tier among tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 35, 51, 60 became available.

Applications can be uploaded in the same manner as Android applications. For iOS we suggest to match version numbers between Sandbox and App Store.

Info.plist is required to be entered when app file is created.
Select "to info.plist setting" to open the info.plist settings page

  • Click icon (on iPhone)
  • CFBundleIdentifier (Identification unique to application.set to match with Bundle ID configured on iTunes Connect)
  • CFBundleDisplayName (name displayed on iPhone)
  • UIPrerenderedIcon (when set to true, glare effect for icon is disabled)

After completing above configurations, download app zip file for Sandbox bundled with Mobage ngCore SDK runtime and application.

Extract the downloaded zip and use the Resign tool bundled with Mobage ngCore SDK to re-sign and transfer to device. Now the Sandbox build application operational test is available.

Issue at application upload (for both Android and iOS)

Zip download for applications

Using nodejs from above command allows picture, voice and other resources to be archived as zip for build.

This option shortens the download time for applications by lowering transfer data size and times of transfer.

Zip files to upload are contained within zip files.

Obfuscation of source code

Defining JavaScript instead of manifest.json code section in code_encrypted will obfuscate source code.

Source code will be obfuscated, not fully encrypted.

Switching between Sandbox and Production environment

After passing the release review, the application is placed in the production environment. During this process the configuration.json is switched automatically to the Production API server, hence no change is required.

Use the below code to switch access URL from the connected GameServer to the production environment. Please keep in mind production environment log level must be raised.

When using REST API, please be cautious the endpoint URL of Sandbox for GameServer is different to Production API server.

Difference of login session duration

Sandbox duration is 1 hour, whereas in production environment it is set to 30 days.

Revision History

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