Application Publication Submission to GooglePlay (Android only)

You can make a request for an application release on Google Play (Android Market) after your submission has been successfully approved. For submitting your applications for Google Play (Android Market) review, please upload apk files, by following the process below.

Select "To The Apk Management Screen" from "Android Application Settings" on the "Application Details" page, to launch "Android Apk Management Screen."

  • Upload apk files for Production
    • Upload apk files for Production of the applications. Please make sure that the apk files’ version that was used for production environment, will match the apk files’ version used for Sandbox ( "versionCode" and "versionName" ) when you submitted your applications for review. After your applications are published on Google Play (Android Market), you will be required to upload only the apk files for the production environment. So it does not have to match the apk files’ version used for Sandbox. But you must set your "versionCode" greater than your current code,
      and you must change and rename "versionName."
  • Production apk can be created as follow
    • Set "Mobage.ServerMode.PRODUCTION" in the second argument of "Mobage.initialize()"
    • Set "ConsumerKey/Secret" for Production displayed in "Android Application Settings" page in the third and fourth argument of "Mobage.initialize()
    • Edit "AndroidManifest.xml" according to "Important points when creating apk files for Production".

After uploading apk files, open "Android Application Settings" on the "Application Details" page.

After verifying "Application Release Request Prior Check List", click "Android Market Release Request" to request an official applications release.

(After releasing your applications on Google Play (Android Market), your applications will automatically be updated when you upload apk files for Production file on "Android Apk Management Screen." Please note that you cannot request when modifications will be made, and it may take some time for updating changes to your applications.)

Revision History

  • 06/14/2012
    • Remove creation of Sandbox apk
  • 03/27/2012
    • Added information regarding apk files for Production file uploading
  • 01/26/2012
    • Release the "Google Play(Android Market) Release Request" flow


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