Application Development and Release

Partner Developer Registration in the DeNA Developer’s Site

In order to implement social networking functions and release the application to users, you need to register in the DeNA Developer’s Site. Once the registration is complete, Sandbox can be used.

Mobage ngCore SDK Download

The Mobage ngCore SDK is required for developing application. You can find the Mobage ngCore SDK in the Mobage Developer's Site.

In order to develop applications, you need to download and setup the Mobage ngCore SDK. The Mobage ngCore SDK can be downloaded from the SDK Download Page.
Other resources such as API documents, programming guides (how to setup development environments), and the Encyclopaedia (development tips) can be found under “Resource Center” in the Mobage Developer Portal. Please read them through.

Development (Game sections)

The Mobage ngCore SDK should be used to develop applications. Using this SDK, you can develop game sections which do not use social networking functions.

Application Registration

In the DeNA Developer’s Site, Sandbox is provided for developing social networking applications. In order to use Sandbox for developing applications, you need to register your application.

Development (Social networking sections)

You can upload your application in the final stage of development to the Sandbox environment and perform an operational test in an environment which is close to production environment.
For Android, you can test after downloading app files which are built for Sandbox. You need to download and install it on your device via a USB connection. For iOS, you can test after downloading app files which are built for Sandbox, re-signing them, and then transferring them to your device.

Application Release Review Submission

Once you finish developing application, you need to apply for Application Release Review before releasing application to users. We will review whether your application follows our guideline.

App Store Registration Submission (iOS only)

For iOS applications, you need to register the application in the App Store on your own.

Application Publication Submission (iOS only)

Once your application is released in the App Store, you need to apply for Application Publication in Mobage. We will confirm whether your application is released properly in App Store.

Google Play Release Request (Android only)

For Android applications, you need to request for application release in Google Play (formerly called Android Market) from the DeNA Developer’s Site. Once DeNA receives your request, we will register your application and release it in Google Play.

Application Release

Once your application passes all reviews, you need to complete the release settings to release your application to Mobage users.

Revision History

  • 03/01/2013
    • Initial Release.


Application Release Process


Application Settings