Application Development and Release

Partner Developer Registration in the DeNA Developer’s Site

In order to implement social networking functions and release the application to users, you need to register in the DeNA Developer’s Site. Once the registration is complete, Sandbox can be used.

Downloading Mobage Unity SDK

The Mobage Unity SDK is required for developing application. You can find the Mobage Unity SDK in the SDK Download Page.

Please also refer to API reference bundled with the Mobage Unity SDK.

Visit the link below for Programming Guide.

Application Registration

Sandbox is provided to social application developers on the Mobage Japan Developer Portal. To use Sandbox an application must be first registered.

You will not be able to use the production API until your application passes submission.

Development (Social features)

Sandbox is used for development of social features for an application.

Application Release Review

Application release review based on guidelines is required prior to releasing an application ready to launch.

Registering Application to App Store(iOS only)

Please register your application to Apple Store as required.

Publication Submission(iOS only)

After completing release on Apple Store, please register for publication on Mobage. The publication review will check if the application is correctly published on the platform.

Google Play Release Submission(Android only)

Please submit release request for Android applications through DeNA Developer’s Site. Once request is received DeNA will register and release your application to Google Play.

Application Release

An application completing all reviews can be released by configuring the application release status, disclosing it to Mobage users.

Revision History

  • 03/01/2013
    • Initial Release.


Application Release Process


Application Settings