About User Grade

There are 3 types of user grades on Mobage.

  • Grade 1
    • Guest User: Guest user only have nickname, birth date and gender registered.
    • 1-Click Guest User: Guest user without any personal information registered, generated by 1 click on a button. Only available for Smartphone app.
  • Grade 2
    • Standard User: In addition to the above, standard user also registered a password.
  • Grade 3
    • Verified User: Verified user has verified their identity either by SMS verification service or by binding his/her account with feature phone.

According to the user grade, there are following limitations on which functions a user has access to.

Availability of Functions based on User Grades

 gradeOfficial Circles (Join/View)
In Game Posts (TextData API, etc.)  
Remote Notification Service (*1) 

Payment Service (Purchase of MobaCoin or Game Point) 
Avatar Service

Official Circle (Posting)Diary Service (Posting)
Mobage User Profile Edit
Mobage Friend Application Service
Mobage Friend Invitation Service
Mobage Chat Service
(Ex Mini Mail Service)
Guest User / 1-Click Guest User


YesYes (*2)Yes (*3)NoNo
Standard User2YesYesYesYesYes
Verified User3YesYesYesYesYes

(*1) You can only use fixed phrase when using remote notification service. 
(*2) For guest users who have not registered their birth dates, they will be considered as below 15 when using the Payment service, and usual restrictions apply. However, for guest users with birth date registered, they will be allowed to use Payment service according to their actual age. For guest users who have not registered their gender, a gender-less avatar is shown and those users will not be able to use the Avatar customisation service.
(*3) For guest users who have not registered their birth dates, they will be not allowed.

Determining User Grade

You can obtain a user's grade from People API's grade field.

User Upgrade

When a user invokes functions that are restricted at his/her grade, Mobage will present an option for user upgrade. Furthermore, your game can call the following API any time to urge user to upgrade. For details about each API, please refer to the API Reference.

For example, screen transition looks like below on iOS:

  1. First, the dialog on the left is shown. Tapping on the button will bring user to the web browser to continue with the user upgrade process.
  2. After upgrade, user comes back the the app and tap the button in the dialog on the right to get back to the game. However, notification will not be fired whether or not a user completed the user upgrade, so you should always check user's grade using People API whenever a restricted function is being invoked.

Development Support

Please refer to Creating a test account  for how to create and test with different user grades.


  • 2014/05/01
    • Text Data API had been updated for guest users.
  • 2014/03/19
    • Grade 1 users are able to use user to user remote notification.
  • 2013/09/09
    • User grade definitions updated.
  • 2013/08/23
    • Text Data API now accepts text below 6 full-width chars (12 half-width chars) for guest users.
  • 2013/08/13
    • Created.






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