Sending MiniMails to Mobatomo (Friends)

Sending MiniMails

Mobage and Yahoo Mobage offer a feature that allows MiniMails to be sent to other users. Mobage Open Platform offers an API that enables this feature to be used from an application. When the API is used, a pop-up screen appears on the user’s screen in order to create a MiniMail. Once the user sends the MiniMail, the message goes into the recipient’s Inbox.

The following contains a sample for sending a MiniMail:

  • Create a Message by setting the parameter that contains message body and title in opensocial.newMessage() as an argument.
  • Set the generated Message object and the recipient’s user ID as arguments and call the opensocial.requestSendMessage() method to display the pop-up screen for entering a message.
  • Once the user sends a MiniMail and the server request process is complete, the specified callback function is executed using the DataResponse that contains the request results as an argument.
  • Process the data that is stored in DataResponse.

Restrictions on sending MiniMails

There are currently several restrictions on sending MiniMails:

  • Users will not be able to receive MiniMails sent by themselves.
  • MiniMails cannot be sent to blacklisted users.
  • Other restrictions on Mobage MiniMails will apply.

Update history

  • 12/2010
    • Initial Release.


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