Inviting a Mobatomo (Friends) to an application

Follow the steps below to invite a Mobatomo (Friends) to an application:

  • You can invite a Mobatomo (Friends) to an application by calling opensocial.requestShareApp().
  • Arguments are as follows:
    • Invited users. Since VIEWERs are restricted to Mobatomo (Friends), specify "VIEWER.FRIENDS" so that it cannot be changed.
    • Specify null. This argument will be ignored.
    • A callback function that is called once the process is complete.
  • Call the opensocial.requestShareApp() method and display the pop-up screen for selecting the users to invite.
  • Once the user sends out invitations and the server request process is complete, the specified callback function is executed using the DataResponse that contains the request results as an argument.
  • Process the data that is stored in DataResponse.
  • An invitation MiniMail will be sent to the invited users.

Revision History

  • 12/2010
    • Initial Release.


Sending MiniMails to Mobatomo (Friends)