First, create an application that only displays "HelloWorld"

Prepare the Gadget XML as described below.

Save the Gadget XML in a location that can be connected to the Internet by HTTP, and register the URL in the Application Management screen on the Developer's Site.

To begin, create an application by selecting Application Management from the dashboard, and then select Add Application.

Enter the previously prepared URL into the Gadget XML URL (for development), and create an application by filling out the other required information.

Open the Details screen of the newly created application from the list of applications in Application Management. On the Details screen, there is a link to the application in the Sandbox. Accessing this URL using a test account enables the newly created application to be executed.

Revision History

  • 12/2010
    • Initial Release.


Sandbox Development Support Functions


Acquiring user profile information and Mobatomo (Friend) information