Sandbox Development Support Functions

The Sandbox environment provides you a support tool which will help your game development.
Please see the following list of functions for more details.

Feature Phone


  • You can access the support tool from "テスト支援ページTOP" which is located on the footer of "マイページ".



    Notice that all functions are in Japanese
  • モバコイン付与
    • Add MobaCoin to your test account.
  • アカウント一覧
    • View all test accounts which are owned by your partner account.
  • アプリ一覧
    • View all applications which are owned by your partner account.
    • Following functions will allow you to send each life cycle event. For more details about life cycle event please see the following link.
      • インストール(addapp)
      • アンインストール(removeapp)
      • 公式サークルに参加(joingroup)
      • 公式サークルを脱退(leavegroup)
    • Following function will provide you description of your application in Developer site.
      • 説明(インストール用紹介文やインストールページ用画像など)
    • Following function will allow you to unlock the Friend Invite service's mail limitation.
      • 友達招待
        • 招待送信リスト
        • 招待受信リスト
In Sandbox environment you can test your application from your PC.

Revision History

  • 2013/05/02
    • English document initial release.


Restrictions in the Sandbox