Cross Region Binary Upload Service



Developers could use one account to login in Simplified Chinese as well as Traditional Chinese Developer Site. According to developers' network location,  there will be a large difference in network speed when uploading app versions to Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese Developer Site.

Mobage provide developers a new function called Cloud Service. Using this function, developers could upload app versions on Simplified / Traditional Chinese Developer Site, and fetch the same app version on the Other Site.

When developers want to upload a large app version to Developer Site under a poor network speed, they could use Cloud Service to select to upload it on a quicker site between Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese Developer Site.


In the following descriptions, app versions will be uploaded on Simplified Chinese, and fetched on Traditional Chinese. Reverse operation is similar.

Upload on Simplified Chinese

1 The entrance is in "Application". Click "Cloud Storage" to jump to the detail page.

   Developers could also directly jump to this page by the link in "Version Management" in Traditional Chinese.

2 Input the necessary information into the red box. Make sure the Remote Device, Remote Appid and Remote Sdk are the same as the application version information on the Traditional Chinese, or the version uploaded could not be fetched on Traditional Chinese.

   The upload versions will be shown in the green box. Mobage's partner could upload at most five app versions with five different appid. Versions should be deleted as soon as possible when they are useless.

Fetched on Traditional Chinese

1 After uploaded, developers could fetch the version in relative application's "Version Management" page. As this example shown, operations should be done in the iOS version management page of 23000100.

   Developers could using the new tab "Fetch Cloud" between "Process" and "Upload Version" to find the app version they uploaded in Simplified Chinese. Click the "Get remote" button in the red box shown in the graph.

   The next processes for deploying one version is the same as normal Version Upload.


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