Mobage ngCore SDK

ngCore is a development framework that allows games to be authored in JavaScript but with native application performance by leveraging DeNA's ngCore libraries.

  • Rapid app development & deployment
  • Author game logic in JavaScript, leverage mobage Social APIs for persistence
  • Leverage native optimized frameworks
  • Ship & rapidly iterate games at web speed
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Write once in JS & publish to Android, iOS, and other platforms
  • Runs across multiple device configurations (Phones, Phone variants, tablets & TV)
  • Immediate access to audience
  • Developers who target ngCore will be able to access the DeNA and mobage social networks globally.  This includes seamless access to the plus+ iOS network, the new mobage Service on Android and the mobage game service in Japan.

How it works

ngCore provides a unified JavaScript SDK backed by DeNA's ngCore code libraries. This allows for easy, rapid application authoring while still maintaining native performance.

Using ngCore, it is possible to load and run games on demand - once loaded, games are cached locally until discarded or updated. In ngCore all game logic is authored in JavaScript.  A complete JS-built game could be bundled with data and loaded remotely within the game service app, much like a downloaded level in a traditional mobile game.

On the Android platform ngCore JavaScript executes using Google's V8 interpreter and attaches to native APIs. On iOS JavaScript executes using the interpreter provided by UIWebView. The performance of the downloaded gamelet is indistinguishable from a native App as it binds to the native APIs, which are part of the master App.



*Developer Site Authorization Required

*SDK package included detailed developer guidelines..