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1.How to implement your app into Mobage Platform

Through 5 steps, developer can distribute their games to Mobage platform, to expose to players.

  • Create Application
  • Integrate Mobage SDK (Sandbox) 
  • Submit to DeNA for Review
  • Pass DeNA's Review
  • Publish to Mobage Production Environment, and Release to major Smartphone Application Market in China

2.How to develop and debug?

Developers can develop the game logical on their local machines.

When necessary, developers can download Mobage SDK, integrate the SDK, and test in Mobage Sandbox Environment.

Mobage Open Platform provides various kinds of Client SDK and Server-to-Server API (RESTful API, Bank API) for game server.

Please note:

  1.  Game should use Mobage Account System
  2. In app purchase transaction should be done with Mobage Bank API

In app purchase can be done through Mobage Bank API. Developer can use only Client-to-Server Bank API to finish an in app purchase transaction. Developer can also combine both Client-to-Server and Server-to-Server Bank API to finish an in app purchase transaction.

For more details about Mobage Application Creation Guideline, please refer to document on Mobage Developer Site.

Mobage Simplified Chinese Platform(need login):

Mobage Traditional Chinese Platform(need login)


3.Download SDK

*Developer Site Authorization Required

*SDK package included detailed developer guidelines..




App Release Process