RESTful API for Game Server

  The Mobage platform provides a RESTful interface to enable your app servers to perform authentication, banking, and social actions.

The RESTful APIs in the Mobage platform send and receive data in JSON format.

Values beginning with the @ sign (for example @app@me, and @self) are literals and should be used exactly as specified.


API Name

HTTP Method

REST URI Fragment


AuthorizationTemporaray CredentialPOST/request_temporary_credentialThis method requests a temporary credential to get the temporary credential token. 
Token CredentialPOST/request_tokenThis API acquires the token credential.

Bank Inventory

Get Bank InventoryGET/bank/inventory/{appId}/{-list|,|itemId}

Retrieve an item resource.


Retrieve an collection of item resources

Bank Debit

Get Bank DebitGET/bank/debit/{appId}/{-list|,|transactionId}Retrieve transaction resource or collection.
Create Bank DebitPOST/bank/debit/{appId}Create a transaction resource.
Update Bank DebitPUT/bank/debit/{appId}/{transactionId}Update a transaction resource.


Get LeaderboardGET/leaderboards/{appId}Retrieves the app's leaderboards.
GET/leaderboards/{appId}/{leaderboardId}/{userId}/{groupId}Retrieves the user's scores on the leaderboards.
Update LeaderboardPUT/leaderboards/{appId}/{leaderboardId}/{userId}/{groupId}Adds a user's score to the app's leaderboard.
Delete a Score from a LeaderboardDELETE /leaderboards/{appId}/{leaderboardId}/{userId}/{groupId}Removes a user's score from the app's leaderboard.
Remote NotificationRemote NotificationPOST/remote_notification/{appId}/@all

This API can send a broadcast push message to all users of a given app.


This API can send a push message to a single user.

PeoplePeoplePOST/people/{-list|,|userId}/{groupId}This is an API for acquiring user profile information and user friend lists.



Create AppdataPOST/appdata/{userId}/{groupId}/{appId}Create Appdata for your application.
Get AppdataGET/appdata/{userId}/{groupId}/{appId}Acquires informaton specific to an app, such as a user's current score.
Update AppdataPUT/appdata/{userId}/{groupId}/{appId}Update the contents of one appdata
Delete AppdataDELETE/appdata/{userId}/{groupId}/{appId}Delete appdata of certain app
ProfanityProfanityGET/profanityThis API verifies whether or not is an API for verifying whether or not text violates the profanity policy.
BlacklistBlacklistGET/blacklist/{userId}/{groupId}{-prefix|/|personId}This acquires a list of users who are specified in a blacklist.







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