How to Port App from Simplified Chinese Platform to Traditional Chinese Platform

There are two separated platform, Mobage Simplified Chinese Platform and Traditional Chinese Platform. The former provide services for Chinese Mainland, and the latter provides services for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macaw. If an App in the Simplified Chinese Platform needs to be released to the Traditional Platform, porting is required to make it work. Please follow the steps below:


Switch to the Traditional Chinese Platform in the developer site(,and then register an application.

The appid for Traditional Chinese Platform starts with "230".


Step 1. Download the latest SDK package for Traditional Chinese Platform.

Step 2. Replace the resource files and libs.

Uncompress the downloaded SDK package, replace the corresponding files under /res and files under libs/, including and MobageNativeSDK.jar.

Step 3. As for AndroidManifest.xml, please make the following modification:

(1) Replace mobage-cn with mobage-tw for schema, replace cn-mobage with tw-mobage for action, replace the appid with the one applied for Traditional Chinese Platform.
(2) Remove Permission

Add Permission

(3) Remove Receiver and Service:

Add Receiver and Service:

Step 4. Modify source code

(1) Set the region to Mobage.Region.TW, replace appid,consumer key and secret in the method of Mobage.initialize. i.e.:

(2) Traditional Chinese Platform doesn't support push notification. Therefore, please remove the related code if you used the Mobage push notification feature.

Game Server

If game server has used the Mobage RESTful API, please complete the following modifications:
Step 1. Replace the consumer key and secret for game server.
Step 2. Replace Http URL, refer to the endpoint:




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