How to Charge for Sandbox

This manual shows how to charge mobacoin (for Android) / virtual currency (for iOS) for sandbox envirornmen.


1.     Load game, and the page below is shown. Click the icon Mobage on the left top.


Figure 1. Find Mobage toolbar


2.     Expand the toolbar, and click any button on the expanded menubar.


Figure 2. Find Charge icon


3.     Click Home on the left bottom.


Figure 3. Enter Home page


4.     Click sand box menu with red highlight.


Figure 4. Enter Sandbox menu


5.     Click MobaCoin Charge (for Android) / Virtual Currency Charge (for iOS) to add coins.


Figure 5. Click MobaCoin charge


6.     Choose option from the select box to add MobaCoins.


Figure 6(a). Choose MobaCoin amount


Figure 6(b). Choose MobaCoin amount


7.     Click Add Coin to charge for user’s account. Then you can got your mobacoin for sandbox test.

Figure 7. Add coin




Host Name in Sandbox


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