How to Add a Leaderboard

You must login your Mobage account at Developer Site and you must have added an app.

To add a leaderboard to your app, perform the following steps:

1. Select the Apps at the menu and click on App List to choose the app you are going to add a leaderboard to. Click on the app’s ID to show the App Pane for your app.

2. Click the Leaderboard Settings button to display the information about the leaderboards for your app.

3. Click the New Leaderboard button to display the New Leaderboard page.

4. Enter the following information:

IDThe unique ID to identify the leaderboard in your app.
TitleThe name of the learderboard.
IconThe path to the image file of the icon for the leaderboard.
Default ScoreThe score to use when a score is not provided.
CategorySelect numeric to have this leaderboard save the score as numeric. Select time to have this leaderboard save the score as time type.
FormatSelect the units of the entries on the leaderboard.
Point PrecisionLeaderboards are specified by integers. Use the point precision field to specify how many of the rightmost digits are used to present fractional values. For example, a value of 1008 with a Precision value of 3 is displayed on the leaderboard as 1.008. The precision value of a leaderboard is set when you create the leaderboard. You cannot change the precision value of an existing leaderboard.
Allow Lower ScoreCheck the check box if you want this leaderboard to save lower score.
AscendingThe default order of scores is descending. Check the check box if the scores are sorted in ascending order.


5. Click the Confirm button to save your leaderboard and redirect to the confirm page. View the information and click the Submit button to save your leaderboard and go to the Leaderboard Detail page.

6.You can modify and delete the leaderboard at this page. And the leaderboard is used for Sanbox only. If you want to use it for the production environment, you need to click this button 
after your app has passed the review.






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