Create Appdata


Create Appdata for your application.

URI Fragment


Supported Formats


HTTP Method


Request Parameters

userIdUserId*URI Template ParametersOnly @me is specifiable
groupIdGroupId*URI Template ParametersOnly @self is specifiable
appIdAppId*URI Template ParametersOnly @app is specifiable
fieldsArray*Query StringThe keys of appdata are specifiable
formatString Query StringOnly json is specifiable


Request Headers


Request Body

An isolated AppData, which is defined by developers. Simple hash of key/value pairs.


  "key1" : "value1",
  "key2" : "value2"

Response Status Code

HTTP Status CodeHTTP Status MessageMeaning
201CreatedData successfully created or updated
400Bad RequestCorrupt request data on the client side
401UnauthorizedAuthorization error
403ForbiddenThe resource exists, but access is not possible due to a reason other than an authorization error.
404Not FoundThe resource doesn’t exist
500Internal Server ErrorAn error on the API server side
503Service UnavailableThe API cannot be used temporarily

Response Body



1.Keys can be up to 32 bytes in size. Values can be up to 1024 bytes in size.

2.Maximum number of key/value pairs are 30 entries per user in an application.



HTTP Request
HTTP Response