Callback function of close Transaction

This function is ONLY supported in mobage Greater China region including Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. If your apps would be porting to other mobage regions, please do not rely on the callback to give items to users.

1. Description

After transaction is successfully closed(either from SDK or RESTful API), Mobage Open Platform would call the url, which is registered at Developer Portal,   to inform developer that the transaction has been done successfully.

Developers should register the callback url firstly,  then handle the http request, which is sent from mobage. 

2. Register Callback URL

  1. Choose the app which need to add callback URL at App Management.
  2. At Game Console - 2 Settings - Bank Callback Settings, add your bank URL

    Sandbox and Production callback URL are separated. "Click to switch" to choose environment.


3. Handle Mobage Http Request

3.1 Mobage Http Request 

Callback Http Method


Callback Content


sign:      it is used to verify whether the http request is sent from Mobage platform.
id:        transaction id
user_id:   user id
state:     transaction status, only if the the state is "close", it indicate that transaction is successful. 
items:     detail information for the items in the transaction.
comment:   extra information,which is filled by developers during creating transaction.
published: create time of transaction
updated:   end time of transaction



3.2 Handle Mobage Http Request


Validation can be confirmed by IP and SIGN.

IP Source:
Mobage Simplified Chinese Platform119.15.138.0/24(
Mobage Traditional Chinese Platform27.131.9.0/24 (


Sign validation:

The method of generate sign:

MD5 the combined string of app_id, transaction_id and consumer key.

consumer_key can be get from Developer site, At Game Console - 1 Base Info - Common - Consumer Key(for game server) 



3.3 Callback Timing, Response and Retry Mechanism

After closeTransaction successfully called.

Response and Retry

If processing succeeded, game server should returns http code 200. Otherwise mobage server would consider the response as a failure. The callback would NOT check body of game server's response.

Without gaining http code 200 response, Mobage server would retry at most 10 times to call the registered URL.

The timing of retry is (3 ^ n - 1) seconds after the last Callback failure. n is times. max of n is 10.

RetryTime: ? seconds after last failure
First retry 3 ^ 1 - 1 = 2
Second retry3 ^ 2 - 1 = 8
Tenth retry3 ^ 10 - 1 = 59048

The last retry is about 24.6 hours after first callback, 16.4 hours after the ninth callback.

Retry process only works on PRODUCTION environment. For SANDBOX, there is no retry even without gaining 200 code.


3.4 Sample Code






2013.08.20 Initial Release

2013.09.17 Add user_id to callback content



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