App Release Process

Process Overview

Please follow the steps below to publish your apps on the Mobage Platform:


Developer site url :

Simplified Chinese:

Traditional Chinese:

The flow of Simplified Chinese is as same as Traditional Chinese . Please notice that links below in this page are default linked to Simplified Chinese developer site. If you need to access Traditional Chinese Developer site, please refer to the link above.


DeNA Developer Site Register


Please contact DeNA Business Department ( to get the invite code to Developer Register page. Open Developer Register  page, read carefully and accept the terms and conditions of developer site, fill the table below and submit.

Then Mobage system will send an email with an activate URL, please click the URL to complete the register.

After registration, developers can view the basic documents in the developer site.

(1). Corporate User Only

(2). After registration, developers get an account for both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese Developer Site.


Create Sandbox Account(Optional)

If you want to test your games in Mobage sandbox environment, you need to create the sandbox user account. Developers can use his sandbox user accounts in all the games belonging to him, while not able to use them on games belonging to other developers.

Follow the steps below to create sandbox user account:

1.Login DeNA Developer Site with developer ID。
2.Choose "Account">"Add Sandbox Account" to go to the account create page, input the account name and email address, click button "create" to submit.

  • 3.Then you need click active button to input some required information.  
    4. Sandbox user account is activated and available to use.
  1. Since Mobage Simplified/Traditional Chinese SDK supports automatically user registration and login, the sandbox user account created here is mainly used in account switching test.
  2. Developers can only use their own Sandbox account to login in their Sandbox version game.

App Development

App Register

After sandbox is applied successfully,please go “Apps”>“Add App” to register your application。

App register generates the unique "App ID" for each app. It's convenient to manage the settings and image/test materials via the App ID.

See Application Register Process

During DeNA partnership application, developer can still continue app development in the sandbox environment.


App Develop

After app registration, developers can obtain App ID and Consumer Key,then you can start your app development in the sandbox environment.

See the tutorials:

Tech doc Native

Tech Docs ngCore

Tech Docs Unity

Development Guide ShellApp 

App Test

Besides, after app development is done, you can test and confirm your app in the sandbox environment:
1 Install sandbox version application 

2 With internet connected, open application to test.

App Upload

Go to “Apps”>“App list”>(AppID),upload your app and submit for review.

For ngCore detail upload process, please refer to: ngCore App Upload Process.

For Native detail upload process, please refer to: Native App Upload Process.

For Unity detail upload process, please refer to: Unity App Upload Process.

More sandbox detail, please refer to: Sandbox Guidelines 

One app can be tested in PRODUCTION environment only after reviewed and approved by DeNA.

DeNA Partnership Application

If developer plans to publish app in the Mobage platform, he must apply to become partner developer of DeNA.
1. For those who haven't apply for DeNA partnership, there's reminder and apply link in the home page after login DeNA Developer Site.

 2 Follow the instrument to fill all required information and upload business license.   

 3.Then apply partnership.

(1) Download the corresponding cooperative agreement, read carefully and sign, then mail it with other required materials to DeNA China.
(2) Corporate information should be subject to business license. Make sure the contents in the application aligned with requirements on developer site.
(3) The main and auxiliary contacts should not be the same person.
(4) Email address must be the one when you register developer site account, no changes can be made.

After received the apply materials, our staff will contact the applicant via telephone, confirm the information and whether qualified. The applicant will be informed of the result with 7~14 work days.

Applying publish app is allowed only after partnership is reviewed and approved.

Paid Item Test

If pay item is included in the app, please follow the process to complete the paid item test and confirmation.

 (1) Test and confirm in the Sandbox environment

In the Sandbox environment, perform purchase operation on all the pay items, make sure that the price, amount is correct.

 (2) Submit Sandbox Test report

Email the result report to (Template: Sandbox Paid Item Test Result Template)

 (3) Test and confirm in the Production environment

Due to differences between Sandbox and Production, please make sure to complete the test in the Sandbox, then switch to Production environment to test and confirm again.

(1)If developers use different test cellphones to perform the test, all the test result should be recorded and submit to DeNA.
(2)Mobage staff will contact the developers if issues are found out in the test result.

Stress Test

In order to avoid unavailability of game server due to burst of traffic, Mobage platform needs to adjust network traffic between Mobage Platform and games. Therefore, developers are required to perform the stress test and feedback to DeNA. DeNA will ask for test result according to actual situation.

DeNA will contact developers if there's something unclear in the test result.

About Stress Test


App Publish Application

Go to “Apps”>“App list”>(GameID)>“Android/iOS App Settings” page,click "Publish App".
After receiving the application, DeNA will review the app according to <<Mobage regulation>>, <<Guidelines for Digital Product>>. The applicants will be informed within 3 work days. If any inappropriate words or functions included, the review can not pass. The developers can apply again after modification. Same as the first application, DeNA will review and inform the result within 3 workdays.

Checklist before Submitting for Review

Mobage Open Platform Application Creation & Operation Guide


App Publish

Only if App Publish Application is reviewed and approved, DeNA will set the release status according to the requirements of the developers. There're three levels:

1. not released: App is not released.
2. limited released:App has already connect to Mobage Platform, but it hasn't publish to the Mobage Game List. It is mainly used to perform test in the Production environment.
3. totally released:Formal release, app will appear in the Mobage Game List.

Once App is set to "limited released" or "totally released", it never be set back to "not released".

 If in the "limited released" status, users can enter URL to access the game, which causes unexpected user access. Regarding the statistic data for those users, the developers will decide whether it's necessary to clean it.





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Sandbox Guidelines