Operational Services

Mobage China provides developers with some useful operational components. Some components are designed for improving user acquisition, activation, referral, revenue and retention of a game. And some other components are commonly used operational components, designed for saving development efforts.

For many of the operational components, developers can apply for using without any development cost. While for some others (e.g. Friend Invitation with Incentives), developers need to pay some effort to realize a gifting interface (which is called Gift API).

Instantly Available Operational Components

No extra development effort needed

Mobage China provides some special operational tools including

Customer Service Tool

Customer Service system allows developers to directly answer user inquiries instantly.

Chatting Room

A specific chatting room belonging to game.(Only supported in Mobage Simplified Chinese Platform so far.)


A forum specific to a game, which allows players to discuss. Developer can also post game information. (Only supported in Mobage Simplified Chinese Platform so far.)


More operational tools will be released soon.

Dev Effort Required Operational Components

Platform Effect

Mobage China has many platform features to facilitate user acquisition, revenue, etc. Once implemented Gift API, developer can apply for use of following platform features.

Cross Promotion

Mobage Cross Promotion platform, matches traffic providers and traffic demander.

Friend Invitation with Incentives

By providing some promotional text and image, developer can get a customized friend invitation page, and players has easy access to the page. When a player invited another player, both of them can get gifts. Award plan is configurable at Mobage Platform side.

Channel Event

Provide gifts for special channel like China Mobile App Market.

Point Store

Players can exchange for game items in Mobage Point Store. By experience, Mobage Point Store can effectively new users to a game.


More operational tools will be released soon.








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