Welcome to Mobage Chinese Platform

Mobage Open Platform is a service that provides a platform enabling developers to release their applications in Mobage or many other App Distribution channels.

Developers can access user data and social statistics through Mobage Open APIs.

In addition, Mobage Open Platform provides a platform for user purchases made with a virtual currency.

There are 2 separated Mobage user bases in Greater China, Mobage Simplified Chinese Platform  and Mobage Traditional Chinese Platform. Mobage Simplified Chinese Platform provides service to gamers in China Mainland, and Mobage Traditional Chinese Platform mainly provides service to gamer in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other Traditional Chinese regions..

We support the following application development at this site right now.

 Application TypeMobage Simplified Chinese PlatformMobage Traditional Chinese Platform 
Native (Smartphone) Supported Supported 
Unity (Smartphone)Supported Supported

Game Distribution Channels

Mobage China does not only have cooperation with China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, but also is strategic partner of mobile maker such as Samsung, Huawei, AliYun, MI which pre-install Mobage. As a game provider, Mobage China has entries at Sina weibo, 360, 91, Wandoujia as well as many other channels. Release your game once on mobage, and we'll distribute the it to all major application distribution channel.

Payment Methods

In China mainland, we support a lots of payment method including Tenpay, AliPay, Internet Banking, Credit Card, Apple IAP, payment methods by Mobile operators, etc.

In Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau, we support Google IAB, Apple IAP, My Card, Paypal, etc.

Once a game adopted Mobage China platform, it can use all above pay channel.


App Release Process